Google is coming down on metallic character trend

Google is expected to announce a plan to phase out the use of metal characters in search results.

The move is being driven by Google Trends, a Google product that shows which keywords are trending and how much of a share of those are on the trend.

Google said it will start to use the new trend data by the end of 2020, and it will then update Google Trends every two years.

The company said the change is not a ban on using metal characters.

Instead, it will be used to refine the results of the search results, the company said.

The change could have broader implications for search engines and their users.

Search engines have historically used metal characters because they are the preferred font for the display of some typeface that can make them easier to read.

The idea behind using a font with a metallic character, though, is that it could make the search result less readable.

Google Trends showed that in the second quarter of 2020 the top search result for metallic characters was “my favorite color.”

A recent study by a research firm, Search Engine Land, found that nearly 60 percent of search queries for metallic character have negative search engine results.

For example, search results for “my car” would show a positive search result, while searches for “car repair” would not.

The new change could make it harder for users to read search results that don’t look right, Search Engines Land wrote.

Google, which has been testing metal characters for some time, said it was looking into making the trend change as soon as it is ready.


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