‘The Witcher 3’ DLC ‘Visions’ Trailer Is Here Now!

We’ve got a bunch of new trailer art, trailers for the next two ‘The Wild Hunt’ DLCs and the first ‘Witcher 3: The Game’ DLC.

Here’s the official synopsis for ‘The Winds of Winter’:The Wind in Winter:The Winds in Winter introduces new playable characters to the Witcher saga, including the mysterious and cunning Baron Harkonnen.

He is tasked by his master to track down and neutralize the sorcerers who have taken control of the land.

The hunt for the sorceress is going to take you into a world of darkness and terror, as the Witcher is forced to face down the might of the dark side and the forces of darkness.

The Wild Hunters: The Wild Hunt introduces the first playable character in The Witcher series, a female assassin who specializes in hunting down and eliminating the dark-skinned humans.

You can play as her in her role as a member of a group of hunters called the Wild Hunters, and you’ll fight alongside her in an all-out hunt to capture and neutralise the creatures known as the Shadows.

The Witcher: The Card Game introduces a new companion for Geralt, a young girl who can aid you in the hunt for new characters and allies.

The Card Game offers a new story mode called ‘The Hunt’.

The Hunt is an exciting new way to play the first Witcher game.

The Witcher is the only game in The Card RPG, which features a whole slew of different gameplay modes and story elements that you can unlock.

In ‘The Wolf Among Us’, Geralt learns that he has inherited the ability to manipulate the elements and weather.

As he tries to solve mysteries that he might not be able to solve in this new world, he learns that one of his best friends has an old friend named Grendel, and the two of them are trying to find the source of the strange weather that has been plaguing the land of the living.

In addition to the first two ‘Witch Hunt’ content packs, The Witcher 3: Black Flag introduces new ‘Wild Hunt’ cards for Geralts new abilities, and The Witcher: Wild Hunt adds a new new playable character to the game.

All of the content for The Witcher games comes with free DLC, but the Witcher 3 ‘The Wind In Winter’ DLC will only be available in the U.S. and Canada.

The game will also be available on Xbox Live Arcade in North America.

For more on The Witcher and the Witcher series news, check out Polygon’s The Witcher article and the full list of ‘The Wolves’ content.


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