When the sun’s not shining: What’s driving the warming trend

By now, the temperature trend in India’s eastern state of Gujarat has been well known.

But the fact that the hottest month on record, April 2016, was in that region is not.

The hottest month since the year 2000 was in November, 2016, and that month was also in Gujarat.

The reason for that, as it turns out, is not the sun.

It turns out that the heat is coming from the north-east of India.

In the past few months, that region has been unusually hot.

It’s been so hot that it has also been a very bad month for crop yields in the northern part of the country.

So the question now is: how did this heat and drought start?

And is it simply the result of a cooling trend in the Indian Ocean, which is currently very strong, or is there something more to it?

As we all know, when the ocean cools, it makes it harder for water to travel up and down rivers and lakes and to the land.

But scientists say that this is not just a natural phenomenon.

In fact, the oceans are very sensitive to changes in the wind patterns, which makes it more difficult for them to absorb heat.

So there is some evidence that a lot of this heat is being brought about by an unusual type of heat, called the Indian Oscillation.

The Indian Oceans are constantly moving.

When they move, they have to move along very different paths.

If the ocean moves north, they’ll follow it more or less straight.

If they move west, they won’t.

And if they move east, they might follow a different path.

So when the Indian oceans move north, the water in the western Indian Ocean might start to boil up, and the water coming down from the Indian Pacific might start flowing faster.

This is a way of keeping water in between the Indian ocean and the Indian land.

But the Indian heat is bringing more heat than it has the past.

And that means that it’s causing more heat to travel along these different paths, so it’s driving up the temperatures and causing more flooding.

And then the water that’s being transported through these different pathways gets trapped in the land, which can be very damaging.

So if you look at the record, the average annual temperature in Gujarat is around 1,000 degrees Celsius.

That’s about 0.4 degrees above the average for the world, which means that this heat has been affecting the average temperature of Gujarat in the past year.

And this heat also brings a lot more rain.

We’ve already talked about how the Indian cities are suffering from the floods, and they’re also being hit by a drought.

So this heat, which has been going on for quite a while, has been really causing more floods.

And this has been particularly bad in the north of the state of Chhattisgarh.

And then of course, there’s the problem of the monsoon.

The monsoon is the period of rainfall that occurs when water is flowing in the river system.

It varies depending on the seasons and the seasons of the Indian monsoon, but it usually runs between June and August.

So in June and July, the river is flowing through the western parts of Chittagong and Chittimau.

In August and September, it’s flowing through parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

And the monsoons usually bring a lot less rain than they normally would, but this heat wave has brought a lot.

The monsoonal rains that we’ve been talking about in the south of the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra are very important.

And they have a big impact on crop production in the state.

And when the monstas rains are low, there are lots of people who have to be employed.

And because they’re low, those people have to work very hard, which puts a lot on them.

And so that’s a major drain on the state’s economy.

So what’s going on?

Well, the Indian authorities have been very worried about this heatwave.

The situation in Gujarat has become extremely serious because the government has not been able to get adequate amounts of rainfall, and therefore has been unable to provide sufficient food aid.

The government has been saying that it will not be able to provide food aid for people in the winter.

But that’s not what is happening.

And there are reports that some of the food aid that was given in the last week of April has been running out.

So there is a very big question mark about how long the monstars will last.

And some people in Gujarat have said that this has led to people saying that they won�t go out at all.

So it’s very dangerous for a lot, many people in Chhattichand.

So, is it just a heat wave?


It is not simply a heat trend.

In this particular heat wave, it is not only the monstar that is driving the heat.


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