The 10 Most Embarrassing and Racist Moments From the Presidential Election

title #11.

“If the president of the United States said this, he would be in jail right now.” source Reddit/r/politics title The Top 10 Most Repugnant Tweets From the Trump Presidency article title The most repugnant and racist tweets from the Trump administration.

article title 9.

“They’re bringing in more refugees than we’re taking in.” source reddit/r/_davidl_powell source Reddit title The 9 Most Embarassing Moments From Trump’s Presidency.

source Reddit source Reddit article title 6.

“My God, I can’t believe that my wife’s in my apartment.” source /r/_bob_bronco source Reddit post title 6 of the most Embarrassingly Embarrassed Moments from Trump’s Administration.

article /r/(reddit)7.

“I’m a doctor.

It’s just what I do.” source source Reddit Reddit /u/chicotruck_source Reddit article 1.

“We’re the first people on the planet who are going to have access to all of the information we need to fix this.” source Trump tweet 2.

“In my opinion, we are the first nation in the world to actually put our heads in the sand and say ‘I don’t care.'” source Reddit 3.

“This is not going to be solved by a phone call.

This is going to require massive investment in information technology.” source Twitter 4.

“Why do we have to go through this if we can solve it on the cheap?” source Reddit 5.

“Let’s just get it fixed now!” source Reddit 6.

“‘Don’t believe everything you read.'” source Twitter


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