Trump and a new trend in nail trends

In January, President Donald Trump tweeted that “we’re going to make our nail beds and nails look so much better.”

“Our nails are so bad!” he said.

“But I can tell you, they’re going down.”

On Monday, Trump added another trend: “Nail art is so popular and so cool, and it’s going to be so cool when they have a trend.”

He has repeatedly tweeted about how his “ponytail-wrapped manicures are so great.”

The president has also claimed that “you can do anything with nails, except the President.”

In fact, the president has a long history of using nail art as a weapon against critics.

In March, he tweeted that a “trend in the art of nail art” had “killed off” the “greatest art form in the world.”

In a March 4 tweet, he blamed the “nail art craze” for “taking over the world,” and added, “Nails are killing the art form.

We have to save it.”

He also tweeted that the “pink nail trend is dead,” and suggested that a new “nose art” trend “will kill it.”

And in May, he told the “Today” show that the new trend was “killing the nail industry.”

Trump has continued to promote nail art on Twitter and Instagram.

He often uses hashtags to highlight the artistry of the art, such as #mynail, and to promote the products.

But he also has used the hashtag #dontplaythegame, and recently suggested that the U.S. should be “wasting” time “making it more like the United Kingdom.”

His Twitter account, @The_Donald, has more than 11.3 million followers.

Trump’s recent Twitter use has not been limited to nail art.

In December, he said, “The new trend is to wear a #trump shirt with your #nail #trends, like #nailswearing,” and retweeted a selfie of himself wearing a #naileditshirt.

In June, he posted an image of himself holding a “#trumpnail” sticker, which he said “made the best of #niggersandwhites” and called a “very smart move.”

In July, he retweeted another picture of himself with a #Trumpnail sticker.

And in September, he shared a photo of himself and his children holding #TrumpNail stickers.

In a November tweet, Trump said he had a “love-hate” relationship with the nail trend.

“I’ve said it for a long time,” he wrote.

“We’re going the same way with the nail.”

Trump’s comments about the trend, however, came days after the White House released a report that said the number of Americans who said they were dissatisfied with their nails had increased.

In its annual report, the White, House, and Congressional Black Caucus found that 27.5 percent of the population was dissatisfied with the quality of their nails.

About 3 percent of Americans, or 9.6 million, said they did not feel satisfied with the appearance of their nail, the report found.

Trump has been criticized for promoting nail art, with some celebrities saying the president is making a mockery of the beauty industry and mocking women.

“What he’s doing is a total insult to the beauty world,” Madonna said.

Trump was asked on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show about the new nail trend by Kimmel, who was hosting a special with former President George W. Bush and former President Barack Obama.

“This is a new thing,” Trump said.

Kimmel asked Trump about the “totally over-the-top” use of the hashtag “#nailsgiving,” and Trump said, in response, “That’s a new one.

That’s a brand new one.”

In February, the #nigsgiving trend was criticized by some for its “cute” imagery and lack of political message.

On Twitter, people criticized the trend for “giving the nail a negative image,” and “giving it a negative meaning,” and noted that the trend is “not new.”

In response, Trump tweeted in May that the #TrumpPorkLoin trend is a “really cool, cool trend,” and that it was a “great trend.”

The President has also repeatedly used the #treatpeoplelikeyou trend to criticize critics.

“Treat people like you want to be treated, that’s what you do.

I think that is a great trend,” he said in May.

In October, he called critics of his use of Twitter “faggots.”

In November, he again criticized the “lack of political correctness” in the United States, and in March, Trump suggested that people who are not “politically correct” are “naked.”

And Trump tweeted, in February, that the word “treat” was used incorrectly.


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