Which tree is the most beautiful? The tree that will make you cry

Tree experts predict the beauty of a tree’s trunk will be revealed in a new book called Tree Mania: A Tree’s Odyssey.

“Tree Mania: a Tree’s Adventure” tells the stories of trees through the eyes of a real tree and examines how the trees of the world have evolved.

The book explores the evolution of tree species from their humble beginnings as seedlings to the massive trees of today.

In the book, Tree Mania’s authors look at the evolutionary history of the tree, including why trees have such diverse shapes, colors and sizes.

“It’s not only the history of trees that’s fascinating, but the stories behind them,” says the book’s publisher, National Geographic Books.

“The history of evolution, the evolutionary stories behind trees, is so important for us to understand and appreciate how our environment and our environment’s influence has changed the way we see the world.”

The authors also write about how the world’s trees have changed over time, and how their shape and function has changed over the centuries.

“What we’re seeing is not just a return to an earlier era, but a return of a completely different species that we know very little about,” says David Fenton, the author of Tree Mania.

“This is one of the first books on tree diversity and evolution that we’ve done on tree evolution.”

Tree Mania’s first edition was published in September.

Now, the second edition is available online for $18.99.


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