How to be the hottest trend on Twitter, 2017 edition

I can only assume that every tweet I have written since 2017 was written by someone who, like me, wants to have a hot trend.

The fact that I am now in my 40s means that I have the privilege of being one of those people.

I also enjoy writing tweets about all things trending.

I have seen some of the best trends on Twitter come and go, and as a result, I am not surprised when a new one appears.

This year, I will probably see a few more tweets from people that are already on the top of the list.

In this year’s top trending topics, there were two topics that were more popular than ever: women in sports and sports fandom.

But it wasn’t just sports that people were tweeting about this year, too.

We also saw the rise of fashion trends.

And it wasn´t just men that were tweeting, either.

I found myself tweeting about a couple of things this year: my hair, and how much it cost me to shave it.

I was surprised that I was the most popular person to tweet about hair in the top trending topic, but my hair definitely had a lot of fans.

I am a huge fan of hair and I am constantly in search of new styles to try.

But I also found that people wanted to see what I had to say about it.

So, I decided to take a look at the top 10 trending topics.

And I was shocked at how popular my hair was.

For example, I noticed a trend that was trending on Twitter on Monday.

It read: ‘I shaved my head.’

But in this trend, I actually didn’t shave my head.

I simply wore a beard.

And that was it.

People were still tweeting about the fact that, when I shaved my hair this year (last year, when it was a little thicker than this year), I actually shaved my face.

In other words, my beard and my beardy hair were not the same thing.

But, that’s because I was wearing a beard and not my hair.

In 2017, I was trying to be more assertive in my style.

In 2020, I wanted to look like a man.

I didn’t want to look a woman.

I wanted people to see me as a man instead of a woman (or a man who is a woman).

And in 2020, it was the other way around.

I looked like a woman with a beard in 2020.

I would say that my beard style is one of the reasons why I have been able to continue to have such a large following.

So why does it take so long for people to recognize that I do look like an attractive man?

The first reason is that, in 2017, most people thought that men look more masculine than women do.

For years, I have argued that men are better suited to be CEOs, judges, or doctors.

But we are living in an age where most of us feel like we are undervalued, like we should just have more money.

We have also been living under the assumption that men and women are the same sex.

We are still not quite sure what this means in terms of gender roles, but the fact is that we still don’t fully understand it.

The second reason is just the simple fact that we are all so used to the idea that men have more testosterone than women.

This idea that the male body is naturally more masculine, and that women should be able to do everything men can, has been around for centuries.

Men and women have been taught to see each other as equals.

This has been the norm for centuries, but recently it has become so ingrained in our culture that we have become accustomed to seeing men as dominant and female as subordinate.

There is a lot more pressure on men and girls to conform to the ideal of the masculine male.

This is why, in the world of Twitter, we are expected to be men and to conform ourselves to the norm of masculinity.

This pressure has been especially strong in the last few years, as women have gained more influence in the workplace.

The internet is one place where men and boys can talk to each other without fear of being judged, and it is a place where girls can talk with boys without fear that they are being judged.

So it seems like the social media world is being saturated with this idea that if we don’t conform to this idea, we will be judged, too, and the social pressure to conform will intensify.

And this has lead to a lot less diversity in the work place.

In fact, there has been a trend in recent years for companies to start hiring more men in senior management positions.

In 2018, the New York Times reported that women now hold the majority of senior management jobs.

But this trend is not confined to the corporate world.

In the US, the average age of the CEO of a Fortune 500 company is now over 45, compared to around 33 for women.

And women now make up half of the directors of the major


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