‘No way’ to replace Trump’s legacy: The real estate mogul

President-elect Donald Trump is not likely to be around much longer, and his administration is not going to be able to restore the American dream of a nation of laws and freedoms for the people of this country.

But for those of us who want to be the next president, it’s important to know that we can, and should, build on the accomplishments of the Trump administration to make sure that the nation will always have a place in the world.

There are a few things we can do right now that will make that happen, and here are four that we should start right now.


Get our economy moving again.

The president-elect has promised that he is going to do things differently than the first president.

He promised to get America back to basics.

He’s promised to rein in the Wall Street banks.

He wants to repeal Obamacare.

He has pledged to be a big-tent president, and he has been.

But the real issue facing our economy right now is not the kind of government we have right now, but the kind that will be elected to fix it.

Trump has promised to fix the nation’s trade deficit by slashing taxes on companies and individuals.

He promises to do more for workers and for the middle class.

And he has promised a massive infrastructure program that he can get done and get done quickly.

The fact is, the American economy has been stagnant for the last seven years.

The jobs market has been shrinking for five years, and many of the people most vulnerable to that decline are the ones who need help most.

Trump promises to make America great again, but we know better than that.


Let our troops stay home.

We know from past experience that presidents who come to power in the wake of a crisis and then make the worst decisions in the history of our nation end up with disastrous consequences for the country.

So, too, it is clear that President-Elect Trump has not been up to the job of keeping Americans safe.

During his campaign, Trump said that he wanted to have the military “in there for a long time, not a short time.”

He has said that the United States should stay out of foreign conflicts, and that our military should not be involved in foreign conflicts at all.

Trump is right.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have killed more than 4,800 American troops, according to a report from the Congressional Research Service.

More than 2,600 Americans have died in the Middle East.

And the United Kingdom has been embroiled in two military conflicts with Russia, as well as a NATO military buildup in Eastern Europe.

It is clear to us that the policies of this new administration will not make America safer.


Make college more affordable.

The President-Tech President-POTUS will not have the power to make every student in America college free, and it is not fair to the students who are already struggling.

But by keeping tuition rates low, making sure every student can afford to go to college, and making college more accessible to the middle and lower classes, we can ensure that we will have a vibrant and competitive economy.

The best way to make college more expensive is to lower the price of college education.

The median price for a four-year public university in the United State was $30,000 in 2016, and the median price of a four year private school was $35,000.

But those prices were just a drop in the bucket compared to the prices that are being paid by the richest Americans and the corporations that control our political system.

If we want a prosperous and competitive society, we need to keep college tuition down, and we need a robust system of student loans that will allow students to pay for college in a way that makes a real difference in their lives.


Invest in our infrastructure.

The country is struggling with the cost of our crumbling roads, bridges, and railways.

President-Technomaster Donald Trump promised to invest in our transportation system in the most cost-effective way possible, and this is what he has done.

The Trump Administration has directed all federal agencies to begin a new, long-overdue, study on the costs of our roads and bridges, which will look at the economic impacts of our infrastructure and find ways to reduce those costs.

Trump also said that if we don’t get more money for roads and other infrastructure, we will go bankrupt.

That is the kind a president-tech will do.

We should be investing in roads and infrastructure that is cost-efficient, safe, and reliable, and Trump has made good on his pledge.

It will take us years, but it will be worth it.

Let’s get to work to make it happen.


Protect our veterans.

Veterans are one of the fastest-growing segments of our population and are the first line of defense for our country.

The last time that our veterans faced the kind and constant threats that we now face was during the Vietnam War.

We lost 2,800 of our


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