Which companies are making the biggest moves in 2020?

Businesses are all over the place in terms of how they are doing in 2020.

Some are getting in the spotlight, like Nike and Microsoft.

Others are quietly making big moves.

Here are the 10 biggest companies in 2020:1.

NikeBusinesses are not exactly the best people to judge the fortunes of companies.

There is always a bit of a bubble to these companies.

But the biggest companies are still the ones that are making moves that will hopefully put them on a level playing field with the rest of the industry.

That includes Nike, which announced plans to expand into China in 2020, which has become a big market for the company.

Nike is also taking a huge step in 2020 with the launch of the Air Max and the Nike+ series of shoes.

The company is also doubling down on its manufacturing in China, which it started in 2017.2.

MicrosoftIt has always been a very profitable company, but its business model is changing as more people are becoming mobile.

Microsoft has been slowly moving away from PCs for most of the past five years.

The Windows Phone division is now growing at about 2 percent annually, which is up from a low of around 1 percent in 2020 and will continue to grow at a very high rate.

The division is also building its Surface line of tablets, which are a huge hit with businesses.3.

AppleThe biggest companies for Apple this year are the Apple Watch, the iPhone 6 and the iPad Pro.

Apple has always had a strong presence in the wearable market, but it is now becoming more focused on the mobile one.

The new iPhone X, which will come out this fall, is the latest addition to the iPhone family, but there is a lot more Apple to look forward to.4.

MicrosoftThe latest Microsoft earnings report was released Tuesday, and it was a pretty good one for the Redmond company.

It has been expanding its cloud computing services since it was acquired by Amazon in 2018, and is now expanding its Windows Azure business into China.

It is also working on its Surface and HoloLens products.5.

OracleBusinesses in Oracle are still in a state of transition, but they are starting to come back to profitability.

Oracle has a lot of growth ahead of them, and its earnings are expected to grow to $1.8 billion in 2021.6.

IntelThe tech world is in a pretty weird place right now.

The tech world has become very competitive with the other tech companies, and Intel is trying to catch up.

The chip giant announced its first quarterly profit in years on Tuesday.

It also announced a $1 billion investment in a new $5 billion lab in South Carolina.7.

IBMThe tech sector is a very different place from the rest.

IBM has a pretty big stake in both the mobile and the desktop PC market.

The stock is up about 40 percent since the start of 2020, and the stock is expected to reach a record high of $78 on Tuesday, which could be an indication that things are about to turn around in the PC space.8.

AmazonThe Amazon Web Services division is one of the most exciting things to watch in the tech world.

The Amazon Web Service division has a big role in delivering cloud services, and Amazon has a huge market share in both.

Amazon’s AWS division is expected at $2.2 billion in 2020 alone, which would be a huge amount of money.9.

GoogleThe search engine is a little more volatile than most other companies.

The big change that Google is making in the cloud is to become more cloud-centric.

Google has moved to making Google Apps cloud-based services and is also investing heavily in its Android and Chrome operating systems.

It will be interesting to see how these two businesses evolve over the next few years.10.

Google The Google search engine has been the company’s most popular service since the 1990s.

It now has more than 1 billion monthly searches and is the most popular search engine in the world.

It was recently valued at $5.6 billion, up about 3 percent from a year ago.11.

Microsoft The Microsoft cloud is now in a very good place.

Microsoft said in its earnings call on Tuesday that it was adding nearly 4,000 new employees to its cloud services in 2020 as it ramps up its enterprise applications for customers.12.

DellThe Dell computer business is going through some of the biggest shifts in its history.

The business has been losing money for years, but the company has finally figured out how to turn that around.

Dell has announced plans for its new “Dell Cloud” product, which Dell will sell to businesses that need it.

Dell is also making moves into mobile devices and online retail.13.

HPThe HP business is the biggest in HP’s history.

It’s the one that started it all in the early 1980s, and now it is the one with the most employees and the biggest footprint.

It currently has more employees than any other company, and that is a good thing.14. AppleApple


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