Why India is getting the blame for China’s ‘fake news’ problem

The world is in crisis and India is leading the way.

A number of countries in the region are struggling to cope.

For the past few years, India has taken the brunt of China’s economic decline, which has led to a significant spike in inflation.

The world economy is now in a tailspin, as it has been for years.

India has also been hit by the pandemic.

This is a very bad time for any country, but for India, the global economic downturn has created a massive social and political crisis.

India is not alone in its problems, as other countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East are also in crisis.

In the wake of this crisis, India’s economic growth has been a disappointment.

The Indian economy grew by 0.5% in the second quarter of 2017, which was below its GDP growth of 2.2% in 2016.

The slowdown in India’s growth has put the country on track for a second recession in three years.

This has been worsened by an inflation rate that is now over 50% and a currency that is losing value.

India’s problems are compounded by its large population.

The country’s GDP per head is more than 1,400 USD, and that number is expected to grow by 4% in 2021.

India, which already has a population of over 5.5 billion, is projected to grow to 9.4 billion people by 2030.

India also has the second highest birth rate in the world, behind the United States.

India suffers from a chronic shortage of healthcare facilities.

The lack of access to basic healthcare in India has led many to seek alternative solutions, such as alternative forms of healthcare, such that the population can live healthy lives.

India ranks as the eighth most-expensive country for healthcare in the OECD.

India accounts for over 80% of the world’s global total of COVID-19 infections.

According to a study published by Oxford University, India is home to the highest number of new cases of COIDS, and the country also has one of the highest mortality rates.

According the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, India suffered the most deaths from COIDS in the past five years.

In 2019, India was ranked second only to China in terms of COV-19 deaths, with a death rate of 8,700.

This rate is still not enough to stop the epidemic, which currently has more than 6 million infections.

In 2017, India recorded a total of 3,937 COVID infections, while China recorded 3,521.

India remains one of just three countries with COVID death rates below 5 per 100,000 people.

This number is significantly lower than other developed countries, such the United Kingdom and the United State.

The economic downturn, which is affecting India’s population, has led it to lose the trust of its neighbors, including China.

Many countries in Africa and Europe have already lost the trust that they have of India.

The situation is especially acute in Africa.

Despite an election and the recent reforms to the economic model, there is no confidence in India.

India currently has one-fifth of the population in Africa, and its population is expected grow by 7% by 2030, according to the OECD, and by 9% in 2050.

This will make India the second-most populous country in the continent, behind only China.

China has an impressive growth rate, with the country’s population expected to reach 11.3 billion by 2030 and by 14.3 by 2050.

The number of Chinese citizens living in India is expected more than triple by 2050, and this is even more alarming because the number of Indian citizens is expected increase by only 5% by 2050 compared to 2020.

The crisis has also caused India to become a target for China, which continues to have a number of military bases and nuclear weapons.

In response to the threat of China, India also began to use more than 20,000 of its territory to build new military bases.

China continues to use these military bases to carry out air and naval operations, and it has also established a naval base in the Indian Ocean, which will be the world’ largest nuclear submarine base by 2020.

In other words, the Chinese military is being used as a pretext to expand its military presence in India, and to impose its will on the region.

In a statement, the Indian Foreign Ministry said, “India is a country which has fought many wars and we have fought many conflicts and we are fighting many wars.

But we have never surrendered our independence.

We have never accepted that our country is under the control of another country.

It is the people of India who have always fought for their country, and we will always fight for our country.”

In this crisis for the global economy, India must also take some responsibility.

For years, the country has failed to reform its economy to meet the challenges of its economic downturn.

While India has managed to cut its inflation rate to


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