You’ll Never Believe the Number of Women That Use Google News

The number of women who use Google News to find the news they want is staggering.

According to the most recent data from Google Trends, women make up 43% of the audience for the top 10 news stories on Google.

And the numbers are even higher when it comes to the top stories.

Women make up more than 40% of people who search for the word “women” on Google News, according to data collected by Google Trends.

And it’s not just the news headlines that are getting more female.

Google Trends shows that women are spending more time looking at Google News content than men, too.

Women are spending over an hour per day looking at a news article on Google, compared to just over five minutes per day for men.

And women are also spending an average of two minutes per article, compared with two minutes for men, the company said.

Women spend more time reading news stories than men too.

For example, women read news articles about the weather in greater numbers than men do.

And they spend an average four minutes per news article, while men read five minutes and women read two minutes.

What’s more, women are reading more articles about science and technology than men.

Google has released a list of the top 100 stories from the first quarter of 2017, showing that women spent an average 3 minutes per story.

And, in total, women have read more than 4 million articles since the beginning of 2017.

And that number is growing.

In 2017, women spent about 3 minutes on average per story, according the data from The Lad, a popular news source for women.

But that number was actually growing, and it’s likely to keep growing in the future.

That’s because Google is adding more stories to its News Feed, as it has for the past several years.

In 2018, it will show more than 9 million stories, which is a lot of content.

The company says that’s because it’s adding more content for a variety of reasons.

Some of the most popular reasons are because more people are using Google News for business and for personal reasons.

For instance, women who have used Google News more than once are more likely to click on news related to personal or business issues.

And as Google News becomes more popular among women, more women are using the news site to search for more than just the most important news.

For this reason, it’s worth noting that Google Trends data is limited, as Google doesn’t collect statistics for women, who are the majority of Google News users.

That means it’s hard to compare the overall numbers of women and men on Google because Google doesn-t collect statistics on gender and age demographics for its audience.

Google is also not tracking the gender breakdown of its audience in the U.S., so we can’t tell if there are any differences in the content being found on Google’s News Feed between men and women.


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