How ‘Micro’ antivirus is finally on its way to consumers: Study

A new report from security firm Sophos has revealed the latest trends in the antivirus market.

The study found that while most of the software vendors have been making strides toward making their products more secure, there are still plenty of companies who are not making their software as secure as they need to be.

The study, titled “Sophos’ latest threat forecast: MicroAV”, highlights the increasing threats that companies face from the growing use of malware in the industry.

Sophomos noted that malware can infect many different applications, which means the threat of a malware infection is also spreading to other services that the malware could potentially infect.

For example, malware can spread via a malicious web page that appears to be a legitimate website or by being installed on a device that may have malware on it.

Another threat that has been getting more attention recently is ransomware, which can be spread via the infected web page.

The ransomware can encrypt the victim’s data and demand payment for a ransom.

The report noted that while the prevalence of ransomware has decreased, there is still a significant threat that the threat is growing.

“While ransomware infections remain a serious threat, we believe that malware is on the rise, as a result of a lack of protection measures in place,” Sophos CEO Jonathan Bock wrote in a blog post.

There are many different types of malware that are capable of infecting a computer, including ransomware, spyware, trojans and more.

Many of these malware are used to steal personal data, steal money, or to spread propaganda or disinformation.

Sophoms researchers said that some of these threats are actually more effective than others, and are more difficult to detect.

However, some of the threats that are more prevalent are more expensive to detect and more difficult for the end user to stop.

Sidestepping malware is no longer enough.

Sophos noted the increasing use of anti-malware software to block ransomware and spyware.

According to the report, malware is increasingly being used by criminals to take over a target system, infecting data or gaining control of a network.

“Our findings show that malware infection and malware infiltration are increasing, but the types of attacks we see are also increasing,” Bock added.

In addition to the increase in ransomware infections, Sophos said that many companies are using malware in their business to take advantage of new technologies and make the malware more secure.

Sopdeto analyst Justin Sullivan, a former employee of the National Security Agency, said that the new threat models and tools are coming from a variety of companies.

“I think most of these things are not the work of the NSA.

It’s really just being put out there by various security companies,” Sullivan told ABC News.

Soshea also noted that some security companies have moved away from malware, with some using it to gain the trust of consumers.

He said the malware threat is not new to the tech industry, as the same trend has been seen in other industries such as food safety and healthcare.

“It’s a big thing that we’re seeing.

It goes back to the same stuff that we saw in the ’80s when companies started making their own software and began making their systems more secure,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan added that while it is important for companies to ensure their systems are secure, the most important thing is that people trust their systems.

“That’s really the biggest thing, and that’s where we need to focus.

We need to make sure our users trust their system and trust us,” he said.

The security firm has previously released reports on malware and cyber attacks, as well as its annual report on cybersecurity.

The company released the report in April.


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