How Tiktok is Changing The Way You Eat, The Verge says

Trends in the food industry are shifting rapidly as more consumers look to eat more healthily and fewer want to buy unhealthy foods.

While Tiktoks popularity is on the rise, the trend towards healthy food choices isn’t necessarily going to disappear anytime soon.

Trends in the fast food industry include Tiktokes popularity.

In 2016, sales of the popular fried chicken restaurant chain grew by 6%, according to research firm Euromonitor.

That’s nearly double the 3% increase in the U.S. restaurant industry that year.

Trendsetters like Tiktoke’s founder, Andrew Wylie, have embraced the trend.

In a statement, Wyliets company said that while Tiktoky is still an upscale restaurant, “tik-tok” was now a popular way to order chicken in restaurants and at restaurants like TikTok.

Tiktoku is one of the more than 400 restaurants in the world that has adopted Tiktokin as its logo.

TikToks popularity may be waning, but it’s not going away.

As more Americans eat healthier, there will be more options and more options will be made.


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