How to tell if you’re sick and/or have cancer

This article contains graphic content.

Advertisement Continue reading the main story If you are a woman who has recently undergone chemotherapy or radiation, your body will send a signal to the brain to try to get rid of cancer.

If the body detects that you are sick and have cancer, it can stop the chemotherapy or irradiation.

You might have a slightly elevated blood pressure or a slight temperature increase, but it’s not a significant enough change to warrant an emergency treatment.

The doctor who treats you, however, will want to know if your symptoms are related to the condition you’re suffering from.

If they are, the doctor will need to perform an imaging test.

An imaging test can tell the difference between a benign tumor, such as a benign growth of a blood vessel or a benign lesion, and a malignant tumor.

This is a tumor that has spread throughout the body.

You can get an imaging study using a device called an MRI scan.

This test measures the size of the tumor by looking at the surrounding tissue and the surface area of the tissue.

The smaller the tumor, the more sensitive the scan is.

If your symptoms seem to be related to a tumor, you might be able to get a tumor scan at a local medical center, but that’s only if you have a referral from a doctor at the Mayo Clinic, which is a leading provider of imaging tests.

If you do not have a local referral, your nearest Mayo Clinic health care provider may be able tell you the best place to get an MRI.

If an MRI test reveals a benign tumour, your doctor will use a laser to destroy it.

This may cause temporary pain, swelling or loss of sight, but the tumor will usually be gone within a few days.


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