Why do men in the US wear so much clothing?

The trend is becoming more pronounced as women get older, says sociologist Katherine Dickey of the University of Maryland. 

And in the process, we’re getting closer to the “wear-as-a-staple” phenomenon of the 1970s, when men would buy whatever they could afford, or what they could find at a thrift store.

“It’s become a kind of lifestyle,” Dickey says.

“I think this is one of those things where the more that we can see the trends, the more we see how they’re changing the way we live.”

But how do we get a better sense of how many men are buying a certain type of clothing? 

And why is it happening now?

Dickey has been collecting data on clothing trends since 2000. 

In 2015, she and her colleagues looked at trends across 20 countries. 

The study found that men were buying more clothes than ever before.

They were also buying more than ever in some countries.

In some countries, women were spending less. 

They also found that the trend for men in emerging markets was moving in a positive direction. 

It wasn’t just that women were buying clothes in more countries.

They also were spending more than they had before.

The trends seemed to be getting better in every country, although the researchers couldn’t see why.

“It’s hard to know why,” says Dickey. 

“What is it that makes it better?

Are they just having more of it?

Are there things they are using it for that people are spending more money on?”

The fact that there is this new trend shows that there are different things that are changing in the fashion market.

“Dickey says we have to ask: Why is this happening? 

She suspects the answer is more complicated than it appears. 

While men are spending money on clothing, there is another trend happening, she says. 

There is a greater emphasis on women’s fashion. 

Dickey found that women are buying more clothing than they have ever bought before. 

Women are spending a lot more money than men are on clothes. 

But it doesn’t appear that men are just spending more on clothing. 

When Dickey looked at data on what women buy, she found that they were spending a little less than men. 

For instance, the US Department of Agriculture reported that women spend about two-thirds of their incomes on clothing items in 2015. 

Meanwhile, in Germany, men spend about one-third of their income on clothing as well. 

What’s going on? 

Dibble says she thinks we are seeing more women using fashion as a way to stay ahead in their careers and in their personal lives. 

They can go out and work harder and take on more responsibilities,” she says, “or they can choose to stay home and watch TV.” “

[They] have a choice.

They can go out and work harder and take on more responsibilities,” she says, “or they can choose to stay home and watch TV.” 

What about men? 

One of the reasons why they are spending less on clothes is because they are less likely to be wearing them, she said. 

So what is it about women that they are wearing less? 

“There are so many things that men have more access to, and they are more often the ones who have more freedom to take advantage of those,” Dibble says.

But she adds that it’s also because women are spending on things that they may not need. 

I think there is a lot of blame to go around for the fact that men aren’t spending money,” she said, adding that it could be that men feel that the time is right to invest in things like travel, fitness, and technology. 

Maybe, she suggests, women just feel like the time has come to buy something, like a car, for example. 

Is there something women can do about it? 


Dickey said that there’s a growing awareness that men can be influenced by what is going on in their own lives, but she added that they need to do more to get a sense of what is truly changing in their world. 

One way to do that is to start thinking about the way men are changing, and how they might be able to help themselves. 

How do we know what is really changing? 

In the meantime, she recommends that men be more cautious about what they buy. 

Men can be swayed by a lot, she points out. 

If you think that something is going to change for the better, you may not be buying it, she added.


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