Why does OHIO covid spike so much? Here’s why

Posted July 11, 2018 04:28:49 The number of people in Ohio who are infected with COVID-19 is on the rise, according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The latest numbers released Monday, from the Ohio Health Department, show a surge in the county where Cleveland and Cincinnati are located.

The CDC said about 20,000 Ohioans are now infected with the virus.

The number is up from 15,000 last week.

In the past month, Ohio has seen more than 5,000 people diagnosed with COIDS-19.

A spike in the number of cases could be related to the widespread availability of the vaccine, which was introduced in the state in April.

But the Ohio Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees health care in the Buckeye State, says that the spike is due to the spread of coronavirus cases.

The rise in COIDS cases is not surprising, said Dr. Robert Kastel, chief medical officer for Ohio’s Department of Public Health.

The virus has been spreading rapidly in Ohio.

The state’s healthcare system has been overwhelmed, and hospitals are overwhelmed.

Kastelsays the virus has also affected the state’s tourism industry, which is still recovering from the devastating floods and tornadoes of May, which devastated parts of the state.

Kasey Riddell, who works at a medical clinic in the city of Columbus, said she and her co-workers are getting ready for another round of COIDS treatments.

We’re getting ready to open our doors for the first time in our lives.

They’re going to be ready for the second round, she said.

People are also getting the flu vaccine, and that’s good news, but they’re still going to get the flu, said Riddells husband, Michael.

It’s important for people to be healthy.

“There’s going to always be that feeling that you’ve been sick, and you don’t want to get sick again, Riddels said.

We’ve had some people come back from the flu who’ve been very ill, and then they’ve had a good recovery.

We have a lot of people who’ve had colds and pneumonia.

And we’re not letting it go.”

Ohio’s coronaviruses are the first major outbreaks in the U.S. in over 50 years.

The U.K. has seen similar spikes in COVID, which also causes flu-like symptoms, in the past few weeks.

Ohio also has a history of the virus, and there were several outbreaks in recent years.

In October, more than 4,000 cases of COVID were reported in the Columbus area.

The last time Ohio saw more than 50 cases of coronas was in September.

As of June, Ohio had seen about 2,000 new cases.

It was a record low.

But in June, the number had already reached an all-time high of 1,531 cases.


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