How to use Buzzfeed Trend Graph to find trends

The Trend Graph lets you filter trends by keywords, demographics and more.

The result is a visualised view of what is trending on Twitter.

The tool was originally developed by Trend Micro and is now available on several platforms, including Buzzfeed.

It shows trends in a similar way to Google Trends, although there are some key differences.

The Trend Graphs data is generated from the Twitter accounts that are actively participating in the trending topics, rather than just retweeting, like Google Trends.

This means that you will be able to see the most relevant tweets and trending topics on each account, with the most up-to-date information.

The app has an interface similar to Twitter’s own search tool, allowing you to see trending topics that are trending on specific accounts, as well as trending topics in general.

You can also search for keywords and phrases, and view trending topics by the hashtags that they are associated with.

Here’s a quick example of a trending topic on Buzzfeed:When you open the Trend Graph, you can filter trending topics according to which keywords you want to see them trending on, which demographics you want them trending for and the specific topics they are related to.

This is the same functionality as Twitter’s search tool – you can use the search bar to search for a keyword or phrase.

To see trends for specific keywords, you first need to find the specific keyword in the Trend graph that you want, as shown below:If you are looking for trending topics for a specific hashtag, you then need to follow the hashtag to find trending topics.

If you are not looking for a hashtag, but just want to follow a specific trending topic, you simply need to type in the hashtag and click on the “follow” icon to follow it.

Finally, if you are a Buzzfeed user, you will find the trending topic that you are following on the Trendgraph:You can then see trending news items and the trending news topic that each trending topic is related to, along with other relevant information.

This tool also shows trending topics and topics in which the trending content is related, as seen below:The Trendgraph is currently available for free to users of Buzzfeed, Buzzfeed Stories, BuzzFeed Tech and Buzzfeed Music, though Trend Micro has announced plans to make it free to Buzzfeed users in the future.

In order to use the TrendGraph, you must be a BuzzFeed user.


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