Meet the new Twitter app: ‘Everything in its right place’

Facebook is building a new social app that uses the company’s own data to build personalized recommendations based on what users are reading, watching, and listening to.

The new platform, dubbed Trending News, is the first time Facebook has taken on a company like Twitter.

And while TrendingNews may seem like an obvious addition to Facebook’s existing product, the company has been building out the product over the past few years, and it’s been making significant headway.

Facebook has added trending stories, created trending hashtags, and made a bunch of other improvements over the years.

It’s built a system that is able to see how people are consuming news from around the world.

“This is the most powerful product we’ve ever created, and we’re taking it one step further,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a blog post.

The app is also being built to support new platforms like Google’s YouTube.

“We’re building the most advanced content delivery network ever built for mobile, and our users are doing amazing work with it,” the company said in the post.

“Trending News is the next evolution of what we do for mobile,” Facebook chief marketing officer Brian Mihalko told TechCrunch in an interview.

“People have been talking about what it could mean for our users to be able to have more personalized news.”

Facebook is also building the new platform around its existing social network Messenger.

“It’s built on top of the Messenger app, so there’s no need to go to Facebook,” Miharko said.

“There’s no new Facebook app.

It just looks like an app that’s been built from the ground up for Messenger.”

Users can also use the app to share content, and Facebook is looking to expand its messaging capabilities to other platforms in the future.

“One of the most exciting things is the way people are using the app and using Messenger,” Muhalko said, adding that Facebook will continue to work with other messaging companies to build more robust, powerful messaging tools.

The news-sharing features will likely be limited to the Messenger chat app, but it’s not yet clear if users will be able share photos or videos, or if the news app will only show trending stories.

The company said it will also add trending stories to the Trending Topics section of Facebook News Feed, where users can add links to articles or videos.

Facebook also is working on an app for Google’s Street View that will show where people are visiting.

Miharkin also said that the company is “working hard on the app” for Google Maps, and that it is working to add a feature to Street View called “Trends” that will allow users to see what’s trending on specific topics.

Muharko also said Facebook is working with other tech companies to make the platform more accessible to new users.

“As we make more progress, we’re working with a lot of the biggest companies in the world to get the app more accessible and more user friendly,” he said.