What’s your favourite style of the day?

Urban cafes are all the rage these days, with more and more businesses opening up across Australia, and you’re unlikely to see a place that hasn’t been rebranded.

But, there are some trends you won’t see that we’re sure you’ve noticed, such as the trend urban cafe.

Urban cafes are cafes that are completely unisex, designed to suit both men and women.

These cafes are also often run by women, and many of them are run by local female owners who work in the cafe business to help attract customers.

We’ve seen some interesting ones, such the trendy cafe in The Rocks.

There are also places such as The Green Dot that are more focused on catering to men.

The Green Dot is located at The Rocks in The Hills, Victoria.

Photo: Instagram user @paul_paulhead/Instagram This cafe is located on the backside of The Rocks, and serves an eclectic menu of dishes including burgers, burgers and hotdogs.

We also liked their burger, which was so hot it burned your tongue.

The cafe also features a bar, a wine bar, and a small cafe-style cafe where patrons can watch and chat.

It also has an indoor pool, a steam room, a ping pong table and other relaxing elements. 

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