Which of the celebs will be your favorite at the New York Fashion Week?

The fashion week is here, and the world’s fashion gods are finally gathering for their annual gathering of the fashion gods.

It’s all in the name of fashion and style, and with this year’s event, we’ve compiled a list of the top trends and trends we think we’ll be looking at in the next few weeks.

So without further ado, here are the top fashion trends and trending trends that are shaping our minds at the fashion week.

Trends in Style: Top 10 Fashion Trends and Trends in StyleTrends of the week: Top 5 Fashion Trends of the WeekTrends for the Week: Top 4 Fashion Trends for the Monday, November 22Trends on the Look: Top 3 Fashion Trends from the Week in StyleFeatured Trend: The Tumblestone ToteStyle of the Day: The Black TumblerStyle of Fashion: Teddie-style shoesStyle of The Month: Black TeddiesStyle of Time: Teds from the 1930sStyle of Style: Vintage shoesStyle Trend of the Year: Vintage shoe trends


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