The 2021 bathroom trend that’s making you want to get naked

The 21st century bathroom trend is becoming more popular with people everywhere.

In the last two years, the trend of people taking a shower in the open has seen its popularity increase exponentially, as the majority of the population now prefers to take showers in a bathroom rather than in a private setting.

This trend has taken a huge step towards becoming mainstream.

A trend-spotting website, TikTok, which provides statistics about the prevalence of the bathroom trend, has picked up on the trend and published a trend report that shows a rise in the prevalence.

The trend report from TikTok has already seen its share of people getting naked and posting their thoughts on it on social media.

The trend has also been shared on Instagram, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

In fact, a majority of people on Instagram have been posting selfies and pictures of their shower selfies, which have resulted in many people sharing the photos on the social media platform.

The photos have seen a massive increase in views on Instagram in the last few days.

Another trend-tracking website, TrendingTrends, has also picked up the trend.

Trending Trends has recorded the trend from its users and has recorded a rise of about 20% in the number of people using a shower or toilet in the bathroom, in the space of just one week.

According to Trending Trends, the trends are likely to continue and that the trend is likely to be spreading to other social media platforms.

The bathroom trend in India has seen the popularity of the toilet rise and the trend has become more popular as people have taken a shower to relieve themselves.

However, the toilet trend has not spread to the entire country, with the trend in the country only being seen in some districts and cities.


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