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All Saints Day

All Saints Day

All Saints Day is also known as Hallows day. All Saints is a celebration to the honor of martyrs and saints. All Saints is a Christian celebration it falls on 1 November. It is a three days celebration from 31 October to 2 November. All Saints is dedicated to the dead people which is known and unknown.

What is All Saints Day?

All Saints’ Day is celebrated on 1st November. All Saints is a Christion celebration to remembrance those who are martyrs including unknown saints also. Public holiday in France on saints day government closed offices, shops.

How people celebrate All Saints Day?

All Saints Day
All Souls Day

Its origin from the fourth century All Saints is a National holiday. Christion celebrates saints day, a festival held to the honor of saints festival name is Halloween (Hallows day ). People place candles on the graves before the evening. Saints day is a very popular day so people meet each other and dinner is organized after midnight in the honor of saints and martyrs.

History of All Saints Day

  • 609 CE

The first saints day is recorded and celebrated on 13 May 609 CE.

  • 835 CE

All Saints Day is replaced on 1 November including the honor of saints.

  • Gregory 4 order church to celebrate All Saints Day on 1 November.

When is All Saints Day in 2019?

Friday, 1 November in 2019 celebrate the All Saints Day.

Saints Day of Other Religion

  • Greek Orthodox Religion

In Greek Orthodox Religion, after Holy Pentecost, celebrates saints day on first Sunday

  • Russian Orthodox Religion

In Russian Orthodox Religion similarly celebrates “Saints Day”
on first Sunday same after Holy Pentecost

  • Lutheran Religion

In Lutheran Religion, This day is celebrated on 1st November
for remembering all saints both live and dead and thank God.

All Saints Day Activities

All Saints Day
  • Placing Candles on Graves
  • Chrysanthemums leave on the Graves (chrysanthemums plant also called nums ).
  • Visit Pere La-chaise on the east of pairs
  • Make the picture on the Honor of your dead saints
  • Family Dinner arranged at midnight in the honor of martyrs
  • Read the history of All Saints Day
  • Tell the children about saints day
  • search church for the story of saints
  • Remember your elder

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