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Bastille Day 2019

Bastille Day 2019

Bastille Day 2019 is a National day in France. the public holiday in France on 14 July 2019. Every year this celebrate on 14 July.

what happened on July 14 bastille day?

Bastille Day occurs in Champs Elysees and this event place is de la Bastille pairs, France. people fly different colors flag like white, red and blue. Bastille Day celebrated with a military parade, infantry, firework, and a sky full of different colors, airforce aerobatic is also display on the sky that things made this day are more beautiful and memorable

 What do you mean Bastille Day?

Bastille Day 2019

 The France national day is Bastille Day. Basically, it is an anniversary of a franc storming city. Now, it celebrated throughout France as a national day.

Celebration of  Bastille Day

A huge military parade is held in  France at 11 am to lasts hour. It includes representatives of France military regiments on foot, horse and in vehicles. Military aircraft are also included. Firework show held in Paris EFL Tower at 11 pm on  Bastille Day. It includes aircraft, sky cover with beautiful colors.

Bastille Day 2019
Aircraft on Bastille Day

what is Bastille Day called in France?

Bastille Day in France called “National Day“.It takes place on 14 July each year.

How People Celebrate Bastille Day?

Bastille Day 2019

People celebrate this Bastille Day 2019 with great charm some outdoors gathering is done. People wear new clothes and fly the flag. Spent time with each other and join the fireworks that started at midnight. Day to midnight different culture show takes place in the city. At night sky cover with shows of colorful firework shows. Most people listen to Music everywhere and people enjoying a lot this moment.

Bastille Day 2019 Events Activities?

some Bastille day activity:

  • Fireworks.
  • Parade.
  • Dancing, listing music and concert.
  • Made some special dinner.
  • Picnic and family gathering plan.

Did whare hold Bastille Day?

  • France.
  • Paris.

Bastille Day parade

Bastille Day parade 2019

What Is Bastille Day?

What Is Bastille Day?

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