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Befana & Epiphany 2020

 Befana Epiphany 2020

Befana(Epifania) Day celebrate in Itlay on 6 January. Epiphany is a national holiday that marks at the end of Christmas days.
By the 4th Century Ad, various calendars had moved the birth date of Christmas to 25 December and the Church in Room celebrating on 6 January.

Who is La Befana?

Befana is a lovely lady who loves children. She deposited her love for children. who delivers gift Itlay children on the Epiphany Evening. Epiphany is the night of 5th January. A popular story is that Befana visits all the children of Italy on the Epiphany night and fill their pockets with candy. Good Children pockets full of candy and toys and coal for bad children.

 Befana Epiphany 2020

What is a date to celebrate La Befana in 2020?

On 6th January La Befana is celebrates. Its celebration starts on 5 January Night.

Is Befana a Public Holiday?

Befana is a Public Holiday all school, office and another organization is close. Most Businesses, shops are closes but most of the story is open
as the Christmas period that celebrates on 3 January in Italy.
Business is closed on Befana is include:
Other Educational organization
Post Offices

 Befana Epiphany 2020

How People celebrate Befana Day in Italy?

Befana is an important part of Christians life they celebrate this day with full of joy some city set parades and organize a festival to celebrate Epiphany la Befana Day. Befana believes in searching for children and give them a beautiful gift. La Befana is incomplete without food so on 6th January special food is a cook and eat. Epiphany party is also arranged.

Where to go to celebrate Befana?

In Rom 

 La Befana in Piazza Navona, Piazza Navona

 In Verona 

 Brusa la Vecia, Piazza Bra

 In Bologna 

 Corteo dei Magi

 In Urbania 

 National Festival of the Epiphany, Civic Tower

 In Florence 

 Cavalcade of the Magi 

 In Milan 

 The Procession of the Magi, Piazza Duomo

 In Pistoia 

 La Befana descends from the Campanile, Piazza Duomo.

History Of Befana(Epifania)

Befana is not a tradition among whole Italians. It originated in Room. on 20 century it becomes well known and practiced by the rest of the population. Befana was a tradition confined to Rome and the surrounding regions, but this festival has become popular across all of Italy in the last hundred years.

Traditions on La Befana And Epiphany Day

  • Feast of the Epiphany
  • Celebrate this day with family
  • celebrates Befana with traditional Italian foods
  • Italians go to church
  • Arrange the festival.
  • Give a gift to baby and kids
  • Organize parades
 Befana Epiphany 2020


The word “Befana” comes from the Italian word “Epifania”, meaning Epiphany. Synonyms of Epiphany is :
surprise, sign, inspiration, shocker.

Bafana Poems, Song & Story

There are some poems of Bafana that translate in English:

The Befana comes by night
With her shoes all tattered and torn
She comes dressed in the Roman way
Long live the Befana!

 Befana Epiphany 2020

The Befana comes at night
In worn-out shoes
Dressed like a Roman
Long live the Befana

Here comes, here comes the Befana

She comes from the mountains in the deep of the night

Look how tired she is! All wrapped up

In snow and frost and the north wind! 

Here comes, here comes the Befana!

Epiphany Observances 2020 to onward:

2020 Mon
6 Jan
Epiphany National holiday
2021 Wed
6 Jan
Epiphany National holiday
2022 Thu
6 Jan
Epiphany National holiday
2023 Fri
6 Jan
Epiphany National holiday
2024 Sat
6 Jan
Epiphany National holiday

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