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When is British Columbia Day?

British Columbia Day

British Columbia Day is celebrated first Monday of August in the Province of British Columbia. It gives Chance to Province to celebrate their achievements, works, successes. It is a Civic holiday and most business schools are closed

When British Columbia Day is celebrated in 2019?

Monday 5 August -2019
Monday 3 August -2020

British Columbia Day

Why British Columbia Day is celebrated?

On British Columbia Day 2019 much more festivals, cultural activities take place.it celebrates in the middle of summer that is the best time and you enjoy a lot.

What is BC, B.C or civic day mean?

These all names are known as Columbia Day.
The civic day is another name of public holiday and celebrated mostly in Canada on the first Monday of August.

British Columbia Day

What do people do?

People make short trips, walks, hiking. many cultural festivals are organized, parades, fireworks. Some go playing and camping. In different cities, various celebrations are organized.

Why the Columbia Day Act is Produce?

The British Columbia Day Act made in 1974. The main purpose of passing this act and to make this day is a public holiday, to recognize personalities whose contributes to the development of British Columbia.

Bird of  British Columbia

History of Columbia Day

  • In 1996

FirstColumbia Day is celebrated

  • 1974

Columbia Day Act is passed in the Assembly

  • 1858

British Columbia becomes a part of the British colony.

What Facts about British Columbia?

British Columbia is the third largest westerly province in Canada. it is size is four times from Britain, and the length of British Columbia is 27,000 kilometers.

Provincial Bird of British Columbia?

British Columbia Day
Steller’s Jay

Steller’s Jay” is a Provincial Bird of British Columbia.

Official Flower of British Columbia

British Columbia is official flower name is “Pacific dogwood“. “Pacific dogwood” is not a flower it is a tree that grows southwest corner of British Columbia.

Symbols of British Columbia

  • Coat of arms
  • official fish – pacific salmon
  • official tree -Pacific dogwood
  • official bird- Steller’s Jay
  • Official mammal- spirit bear
  • official tartan – original British Columbia pattern

Things To Do On Columbia

  • Celebration of Firework
  • Celebration of festivals
  • Harmony Art Festival
  • Concert along the west waterfront
  • Wave your flags
  • Parades
  • Sports

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