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Discovery Day In Yukon in 2019

Discovery Day In Yakun in 2019

Discovery Day In Yukon is celebrated on the third Monday of August.
In 2019 Discovery Day is celebrated on the 19 August. It is an annual event of the discovery of Gold at Bonanza Creek in Yakoon. It is an important day for Yakoon people and celebrated in Dawson city heart of Klondike gold rush.

When Discovery Day In Yukon is Celebrated?

It celebrated on Monday 19 August. Discovery Day is a
holiday and also called Klondike Gold Day.

What do people do on Discovery Day?

Discovery Day In Yakun in 2019

Yakoon celebrates Discovery Day on 19 August. This day activities are held in lakes such as Watson lakes, the other name of Watson lakes is “Whitehorse”, the gateway to Yukon recreation which is capital of Yukon. it is the main event so people celebrate this day with charm. Many family events are held, Yukon people make face painting, crafts, dancing show occur or other competitions are held.

History of Discovery Day

  • 1896

Discover Gold at Bonanza Creek Yukon

  • 1897

Capital of Yukon is created

  • 1953

Capital of Yukon change

  • 1911

Establish the Discovery Day holiday as a public Holiday.

  • 1968

Yukon Flag is adopted

Discovery Day In Yukon Symbols

Discovery Day In Yakun in 2019
raven bird of yakun
  • Tree-Subalpine Fire
  • Bird-raven
  • lazulite-gemstone

Yukon Flag Color

Discovery Day In Yakun in 2019

Yukon Flag consists of three verticle panels. One panel color is
Green which symbolizes the forest, Center panel White color, refers to snow and the fly side panel color is deep blue which represents the lakes of Yukon and also Yukon rivers.

Date, Time, Location & Organizer of Discovery Day

  • Date

In 2019 on Monday 19 August

  • Time

Start on 15 August at 12 pm
End on 19 August at 5 pm

  • Organizer

Klondike Visitors Association

  • Location


People Activites on Discovery Day

  • Organize event
  • Attend Concert
  • Art Festival
  • golf tournament
  • Attend Can_Can dancing show
  • Take a trip with the family to the Klondike Gold Rush National park
  • walking tours
  • People participate in in Writing Competitions

Incoming Discovery Day in Yukon Date

YearWeek DayDateNameArea
2019Monday19 August Discovery Day Yukon
2020 Monday 17 August Discovery Day Yukon
2021 Monday 16 August Discovery Day Yukon
2022 Monday 15 August Discovery Day Yukon
2023 Monday 21 August Discovery Day Yukon
2024 Monday 19 August Discovery Day Yukon
2025 Monday 18 August Discovery Day Yukon

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