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The Christmas Rap Jingle Bells Lyrics

The Christmas Rap Jingle Bells Lyrics

The Christmas Rap Jingle Bells Lyrics. Happy Holidays! Santa Claus is checking in from the North Pole penitentiary with those cold bars. ‘Jingle Bells’ the new unofficial rap of Christmas is out now. Stream it for free:

The Christmas Rap Jingle Bells Lyrics
The Christmas Rap Jingle Bells Lyrics

The Christmas Rap Jingle Bells Lyrics

You think Santa Claus is real
I tell you what
I been ‘naughty’ with them skills
I’m showin up
Comin down ya chimney
Bottle empty
I ‘got you buzzin’ no discussion brother
When you talkin bout the greatest
You know there’s no other
I’m just ‘gifted’
I ‘tie a bow’ around my lyrics
“Merry Christmas”
Ya girl be ‘blowin kisses’
Just blame it on the ‘mistletoe’
I know that I’m cold my flo is froze
I ‘run it’ like a broken nose
And leave you lookin lost
You wanna battle me?
Just know i’m goin Jack Frost
Leave you shaking like you naked in the middle o the winter
I’m a winner January to December
Just remember
You ain’t even ‘in my class’ – I’m off campus
You think that ya flow is ‘nice’
Well then I’m ‘Krampus’
I be ‘at the top’
North Pole I’m goin campin
The yeti make you scatter
Rudolf playin jingle bells
I’m ‘slayin (sleigh) rappers’
If you don’t get the ‘word play’
I don’t ‘babysit’
Just don’t forget to ‘flush’
Cause you know that ‘I’m the shit’
Grab the match get the gas there’s a fire in this bitch
Cuz I always keep it ‘lit’ like ‘December 25th’
Knox Hill goin Pennywise you know that is IT
You know I’m an ‘OG’
Come and meet the parents
All gold lookin ‘Frosty’ we stacking up them ‘carrots’
So turn the tv on I’m goin in on the picture
You rappers are just muggles
I’m a wizard
You rappers are just clear skies
I’m a blizzard
Abominable arsenal
Pay homage to
The arsen in his oil fields
Yield or I am bombin you
God damn
It’s like I’m blowing smoke
If you think that this is ‘dope’?
‘Watch the overdose’
You don’t really want an ill condition
That’s a nil position
Ill addictions listenin to Hill’s position
Kill the fiction
I am on a mission
Just don’t ‘cross me’ like a ‘Christian’
Otherwise they gon televise you
On the 9 o’clock news
Like who like screwed
Like anybody really got a clue
‘Wedding vows’
“I do”
Knox Claus in the booth
So when you hear that clatter there’s a ladder on ya roof
Christmas Eve guess who?
Ho I’m comin with a mask and a brand new suit
Hear a noise downstairs best just stay up in ya room
I got bag I gotta move can’t stop for milk I gotta zoom
So when you wake up Christmas morning
Car keys man who took em?
Bunch a coal under your tree
Damn Santa’s gone crooked
He’s a villain he’s a hoodlum
That motherf* robbed my house
And left the cookies

Merry Christmas to all….and to all….
A Goodnight

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