Veterans Day 2019

Veterans Day 2019

Veterans Day is observed11 November on Monday.
It is an official holiday which celebrates in the honor of men and women who served as an armed force in the US. it does not just celebrate in United state, celebrate throughout the world.
Veterans Day give thanks who served for countries. The government sectors are closed today or employee cannot work.

What is Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is an annual federal holiday celebrated in many countries. It is an attribute those people who served their life for the country. It is a dedicated day that causes peace

What date of Veterans Day in 2020?

Veterans Day 2020 observed 11 November on Wednesday.

What colors wear on Veterans Day OR Armistice Day?

Veterans Day 2019

Three colors is a patriotic color and symbol of peace
Red, Blue, White these color pay a tribute.

History of Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2019
  • 1918

When the armistice between Germany and the Allied nation is effect during the end of World War 1.

  • 1919

First Armistice Day served for forces

  • 1926

officially announced it celebrate on 11 November in the honor of armistice

  • 1954

Armistice Day changes into Veterans Day

  • 1968

Veterans Day move to 4th Monday of October

  • 1971

Many states can be disagreed to celebrate on October

  • 1975

President R. Ford signed on public law which describes Veterans Day again celebrate on 11 November

Veterans Day Activites & Event & Traditions

Veterans Day 2019
  • America parade occurs in New York.
  • Prade
  • Veterans Day Ceremony
  • Marine Corps Parades
  • Field of Valor
  • Emporia, Kansas “Founding City” Parade
  • Parade in New York
  • The flag did not fly at half staff
  • Spent time with family, community
  • Share history and stories about this day

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